Web Development Resources

ColorZilla for Firefox
ColorZilla is a little tool that sits in your status bar and offers an eyedropper, color picker, and rudimentary full-page zoom settings. It’s useful for quickly grabbing and comparing colors on a webpage. The full-page zoom settings resize the text and images, but backgrounds and other stylistic aspects are left the same.

Web Developer
The Web Developer extension is a must-have for web developers. It offers over a hundred different tools to help web developers get their work done, all from a convenient and well-organized context menu or toolbar, depending on your preference. Some particularly useful features include: live CSS and HTML editing; options to disable images, scripts, cookies, or a number of other things; view server response headers; a ruler showing the pixel coordinates of the cursor position and selected elements; various outline tools; quick access to a number of validation tools, including for non-public pages; and view generated source to see how the page has been modified by scripts.

CSS Validator
It’s a free and open source web-based tool that will scan your CSS source and explain any lexical or syntactic errors it finds.

HTML Validator
The W3C HTML Validator, developed by the same organization that standardized the HTML language, is the most used and most reliable HTML validator available. It’s a free and open source web-based tool that will scan your HTML or XHTML source and explain any lexical, syntactic, or structural errors it finds.

Browsershots – Browser Compatibilty Test
Check online how your website looks in 135+ browsers. All you have to do is provide the link to your website and it will show you a wide range of web browsers.

Test network connectivity to a server
Enter a host name or IP address to perform a Ping or a Traceroute.


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