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Web Designing and W3C Standards

web-designing-tipsThe majority of web developers and designers ignore the W3C standards while working on a website template design. It is a common practice to run a website on several different browsers to ensure the interoperability of it.

Many developers and designers are of the view that by following the standards of operation and design lay down by W3C; they are unable to design exhilarating websites and have to work in a limited environment.

Several think that their creativity will be at stake if W3C standards are followed. Also, many consider these standards to increase their budget while others just don’t care and do as they please.

All these theories and assumptions are false. W3C standards not only help developers and designers to create exciting and thrilling template designs, but they also help in its increased accessibility and decreased cost. If W3C standards are not met, the site is vulnerable and there is no guarantee whether the website will be accessible in the future or not. Inter-operable techniques like XHTML, SVG, and CSS aid in designing creative websites.

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Other important benefits of following W3C standards include reduced page weight and faster loading of the site, convenient handling and maintenance of the site, debugging of errors from the code, and quality improvement of the site. Plus, it is also a symbol of professionalism.

Nowadays, where everyone is becoming a developer or designer without the complete knowledge or skill required for this field, W3C standards assist in discriminating between the professionals and these non-professionals.

Last but not least, a Flash Template or a simple HTML template built on W3C standards is easily accessible to search engines. Designing a website according to W3C standards is the foremost and most vital step in the search engine optimization of that particular website which increases its accessibility and helps in reaching potential audiences.

The end result of all this discussion is that W3C standards are beneficial in every way. They save developers and designers from a lot of hassle, prevent the website from being outdated, and reduce the need to redesign it. Although it may sometimes be frustrating to work by the rules the after-effects are worth the trouble.


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