Not familiar with Mega Drop-Down Menus?

the-the-promotion-mega-menuIt’s time that you become familiar with them because they serve as an effective and easy-to-use navigation route to a web site. It’s a simple concept that makes your web site look professional and visitor-friendly – plus, it eliminates the need for too much scrolling when trying to get around on a web site. Web giants, for example MTV and Reuters news gathering company – and many others, use this sort of menu.

Usually a Mega Drop Down Menu is used by web site creators because it is more interactive, more responsive and more flexible navigation for visitors and it adds functionality to the site. Such a Mega Menu is a complex CSS-driven, and sometimes JavaScript-driven menu that can have at least two menu levels dropping down simultaneously as well as use images (mostly icons). A Mega Drop Down Menu helps in a variety of ways.

In mega drop-down menus, user’s choice is explained with typography, icons and tooltips. The web site creators can also use multi-column layout of the drop-down windows with this type of menu.

Here are some more common menu elements that make Mega Drop-Down Menus be effective and user-friendly:

  • Big, two-dimensional panels divided into groups of navigation options;
  • Navigation choices that are structured much better through layout, typography and icons;
  • Vertical or horizontal forms factor in when a menu is activated from the top navigation bars (when activated from the left-hand navigation, they might appear as mega-flyouts).

Mega drop-down menus can quickly disappear and go away on their own when users move the cursor to another significant option or to some other part of the screen.

Now-a-days popular WordPress theme provider TheTheFly enables web site creators to set up a Mega Drop-Down Menu easily. Just select “Mega Drop-Down” in the administration panel. Then, the user would add class names for icon use, list the number of sub-menu columns if any, and set the column widths. Check out below a couple of their menu examples:

Here is “TheThe Marketing” WordPress Theme Mega Menu Screenshot







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