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List of French Swear Words and Bad Words

French Curse Words, Dirty Words, and Rude Words

List of French Swear Words


The French language is one of the most important languages in the world, around 800 million people are French native speakers worldwide, mainly in the Americas, Europe, and parts of Africa, and it’s in widespread use throughout Central and West Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, and North Africa, as well as in many other countries worldwide.

As a matter of fact, swearing in French is much less obscene than in English, and since censorship on television doesn’t exist in France, the idea that certain words are bleeped out on American TV is a bit odd to them.

If you turn on any popular French TV show, just like everyday conversations, French culture is filled with curse words or expressions. But without some knowledge, popular culture and informal conversation can be quite confusing.

Most people tend to swear when they are stressed or angry. They also tend to swear when they are hurt in some way. Studies have shown that swearing does have a pain-reducing element.

Each swears word and curse phrase in the French language comes with its appropriate settings where it should be used. From joking around with friends or stubbing your small toe on the edge of a table to expressing anger towards someone who has wronged you, there is a French cuss word for each occasion.

All French individuals are using a regular dialect with French swearing, yes they can be extremely inconsiderate, but it’s really a delightful dialect yet they do have some appalling words!

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