Google Classroom Golden Banners For Online Educational Institutions, Tutoring, Teachers, And Trainers

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General Golden Banners

Our Free Google Classroom Golden Banners are general banners that can be used in any page type and in any category, moreover, these types of banners are very useful for Online Education, Online Learning, Online Training Classes, Online Course Lessons, Online Study Classes, Online Tutoring, Online Tutoring Sessions, and more.

Recommended Sizes For Google Classroom Banners

For our Google Classroom Golden Banners, we offer three recommended sizes; 1600x400px, 1000x250px, and 800x200px, so you can select your desired size.

Online Teachers and Trainers

Your Google Classroom banner helps identify your page and gives information about it. It also helps you to add your logo and your text contents and it gives you an opportunity to get across any particular important message.

It’s very important to add your title, description, and your text content using the Google Classroom text editor. Never use those applications which add your text as a text image over the banner image!! Google search engine and all other search engines will not read the text images, it reads only the real text and characters, accordingly, all your title, description, and text contents will be only some decoration in your banner image!!!.

So, from the above, it’s really recommended to use the Google Classroom text editor to add whatever you want to add, not only for the visitors but also for all the search engines, which will distribute your page data all over the world.

Thank you for stopping by, we hope that you enjoy our Free Golden Banners.