german swear words list
German Swear Words List

210+ German swear words and phrases list, including curse words, insult words, vulgar words, dirty words, offensive words, obscene words, and naughty words.

The German language is one of the most important languages in the world, and it is quite rich in swear words; there are websites where you can find so many swear words. Interestingly, in German, many curses are associated with the topic “shit” and “ass”. But as a matter of fact, swearing in German is much less obscene than in English.

Most people tend to swear when they are stressed or angry. They also tend to swear when they are hurt in some way. There is a German curse word for each occasion, and studies have shown that swearing does have a pain-reducing element.

Each swear word and curse phrase in the German language comes with its appropriate settings where it should be used, and most of the time these swear words are used for joking between friends and colleagues, and the rest of the swear words are used by one person to express anger towards someone who wronged him. Moreover, most people tend to swear when they are stressed or angry. They also tend to swear when they are hurt in some way. Studies have shown that swearing does have a pain-reducing element. there is a French cuss word for each occasion.

Protect Your Business and Family!

It’s really recommended to use the German Swear Words List to protect your website, your business, your brand, your family, and your kids from these kinds of profane words, moreover, you can protect your visitors and customers from the user-generated content and comments, which contains offensive, swear, and bad words.

Profanity Filter

A profanity filter is a content moderation tool or a content censor plugin that scans user content to filter out profanity words within personal and business websites, social media pages, online communities, marketplaces, and any platforms that rely on user-generated content. Profanity Filter needs a list of Swear Words List (Blacklisted Keywords), and either blocks out the profanity words or replaces them with special characters or Unicode characters.

How to use our German Swear Words List

  1. Use a Profanity Filter to censor content on your website to easily filter and block out all swear words from your website.

  2. Copy all the swear words from your Swear Words List, and then, paste them into the Profanity Filter “Keywords Comment Moderation Box”. You may also add any specific words or any forms of unwanted content that you want to be filtered and blocked out.

Please note that most platforms have a profanity filter, just as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WordPress, and many more. And according to your platform, you can also find so many free profanity filters and plugins on the net.

German Swear Words List Download

Our List of French Swear Words is offered in 2 different file formats, TXT file format, and Comma-separated TXT format, so you are free to download the one that meets your requirements.

Text File – One word per line

Comma-separated Text File

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