Full List of Bad Words and Top Swear Words Banned by Google

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Full List of Bad Words In English

bad-words-and-swear-words-banned-by-googleProfanity is a bad offensive social language that people use within their society, within their social media, on the internet, in movies, literature, TV shows, and sometimes in the home with their family.

Our full list of bad words and profanity word list includes; List of swear words, Dirty words list, Offensive words list, List of curse words, List of insulting words, Rude words list, List of vulgar words, and List of inappropriate words. In addition, we also include Google blacklisted words and the most popular naughty words. We have done the job for you, so you don’t need to make many searches and spend hours and days to find only a few of the bad words included in our full list.

Note: Please note that we have included a new English bad words list and American swear words list to our full list.

Bad Words Types

It’s important to mention that there are many types of bad words; our full list of bad words includes the main four types of bad words:

The First is the Profanity Words which are offensive words used in a way that shows you do not respect God or holy things.

The Second is the Swear Words that you swear an oath and you’re not telling the truth or saying something that isn’t literally true.

The third is the Curse Words which is a wish that something bad happens to a human, animal, or inanimate.

The Fourth is the Insulting Words which are a way of telling someone that they are foul, bad, or distasteful.

Our Full List of Bad Words in English, and all free download and free use for personal and commercial websites, applications, and projects.

Our list has been tested by more than one thousand of our visitors and all have confirmed that our full list works perfectly and they did not have any banning by Google or by any other authority.

Bad Words list for Facebook

We also offer a list of bad words for Facebook, our Facebook bad words list is a text file including comma-separated words that have a singular form of each word, and plural form whenever available, and setting up your page is easy, you have just to copy and paste the block words list. Read More and Download Facebook Bad Words List.

Youtube Blacklist Words List

YoTube Comment Blacklist can help you to avoid and filter all words and phrases in the user comments that are regarded as inappropriate, unacceptable, or profane words, and automatically will hold for review and moderation any comment has a word that closely matching these words in the blacklist, moreover, blocks any live chats matching these words …. Read More and download YouTube Blacklist.

WordPress Comment Blacklist

To have complete control over which comments appear on your WordPress site, Keeping your comments clean from unacceptable, profanities, or untrustworthy words/phrases, can greatly enable your visitors to interact with your website in a safe environment and that increase your traffic and of course increase your website rank… Read More and Download WordPress Blacklist.

We are going to offer Twitch bad word lists in the near future, so revisit us again.

Bad Words List for Every Culture and Language!

Bad words or bad language are common to most cultures but it varies from one place to another, for example, the American swear words list differs from Swiss swear words, bad words in Spanish differ from bad words in French, Russian swear words differ than Hindi swear words. Evidently, there’s a bad word list for every culture and every language!

All the Bad Words in the World in Multi-Languages

1- List of French Swear Words and Bad Words

All French individuals are using a regular dialect with French swearing, yes they can be extremely inconsiderate, but it’s really a delightful dialect yet they do have some appalling words!.

It’s really recommended to use the Swear Words List to protect your website and your brand from these kinds of profane words by using profanity filters. These profanities filters with the use of the Swear Words List can protect your website and your brand, and also protect your visitors and customers from the user-generated content, which contains offensive, swear, and bad words ….  Read more and download a List of French Swear Words.

2- Italian Bad Words List

Our full list of bad words for the Italian language includes multi types of profanities; List of swear words, Dirty words list, Offensive words list, List of curse words, List of insulting words, Rude words list, List of vulgar words, and List of inappropriate words. Our Italian Bad Words List is all for free download and free use for personal and commercial websites, applications, and projects..…  Read more and download the Italian Bad Words List.

3- Spanish Bad Words List

Spanish profanity has a wide range of swear words that are often of a sensitive nature, and it varies between Spanish speaking nations, such as South American, and the subcultures of each nation.
Our list of bad words in Spanish contains all the most popular profanity lists, it includes Spanish swear words, Spanish curse words, rude words in Spanish, offensive Spanish words, and Spanish insult words.…  Read more and download Spanish Bad Words List.

4- Indonesian Bad Words List

There are more than 300 native languages spoken in Indonesia. According to Languages of Indonesia in Wikipedia, there are more than 700 living languages are spoken in Indonesia. A major part of them belongs to the Austronesian language family, while over 270 Papuan (non-Austronesian) languages are spoken in eastern Indonesia.… Read more and download the  Indonesian Bad Words List.

We are going to offer the following lists in the near future, so revisit us again:

  • German Swear Words List
  • Polish Swear Words List
  • Danish Bad Words List
  • Dutch Bad Words List
  • Russian Bad Words List
  • Chinese Bad Words List
  • Japanese Swear Words List

Google Blacklisted Words

As the biggest internet company, and as the sole of the internet, Google is taking great care of an internet search to offer clean and useful results. Therefore, whenever you type a word to search for, Google filters his results to show the most relevant matches and keeping his results safe and clean from any bad words or offensive words.
Right now, if you search for any explicit word or image, you never get what is typing because SafeSearch is always active.

Please note that Google neither released the official Google profanity list nor give any free license for any site to release Google blacklisted words, what we are offering here is the full list of Google bad words which many developers and coders had dug (pirated) through Google source code and extracted Google profanity list.

So it’s important for anyone to try to avoid any bad words on his site or blog to have the chance to be shown in Google’s search results and have traffic and score in search engines.

How can I know if that word is bad?

There is a very simple way to check your word whether bad or not:

When Google released a new version of its keyboard for Android, it comes along with Google banned words list.

  • If you type a word from Google bad words on the Keyboard – Google will offer NO HELP.
  • If you disable the Google profanity filter in Keyboard settings, then all words will be available for auto-complete.
Google’s recently launched a new site named; What Do You Love? It is a neat showcase for some of the company’s services, you may try to check some words from our list, you will be asked; What Do You Love?.
  • If you type any word from our bad words list, you will be falsely redirected to “kittens” instead of your word, which means this that word is one of Google banned words list.
  • If you type for example “Flowers” you will be right redirected to “Flowers”, which means that this word is not banned by Google.
Update on Dec 30, 2017:
Unfortunately Google’s site; What Do You Love? It is offline now!

What to do with the bad words list?

  • Bloggers may use the list to filter their writing and replace bad words with more safe words for visitors.
  • Site owners and admin that have user-contributed content or user-generated content may use the bad words list to filter their site content, emails, comments, and forums to keep their site clean.
  • Copywriters need the bad words list to be sure that their articles have no swear words or offensive words that harming their readers.
  • Developers and Web Designers essentially need to know all swear words to avoid adding these words to their own JavaScript code, Apps EDU domain, and their titles too.
  • Generally, taking care and avoiding these bad words on any website or blog, surely will score in SERPs.

Bad Words List Integration

Our Full List of bad Words is very easy to integrate with any website project containing user-generated content, such as comments and posts, so just copy and paste bad words into your comment blacklist box, when a comment contains any of these bad words in its content, it will be put in the trash. That is all!

Bad Word Filter in Real-Time

There are many online sites that offer a Bad Word Filter in Real-Time, try one of them to scan your site for a quick report identifying what pages contain bad words within your site.

Download Google Bad Words List in English

There are two lists for free download; the first is “Base List of Bad Words in English” which has only a few original bad words. The Second list is “Full List of Bad Words in English” which is a complete list.

Both lists are offered in three different file formats, CSV file format, TXT file format and comma-separated TXT format, so you are free to download the one that met your requirements.

Base List of Bad Words in English (CSV File – One word per row)

Base List of Bad Words in English (Text File – One word per line)

Base List of Bad Words in English (Comma-separated Text File)

Full List of Bad Words in English (CSV File – One word per row)

Full List of Bad Words in English (Text File – One word per line)

Full List of Bad Words in English (Comma-separated Text File)

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