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Fastest Guide to Social Media


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After going through a lot of content on social media, if I have to make a “fastest guide for social media” or give pointers for each social media channel then it would have the following:

1. Tweeter Tools

A) Tweet
B) Retweet
C) #hashtag
D) Follow
E) @Replies
F) Twitpics/Twitsnaps

Tweeter Best Practices
A) Follow relevant audiences
B) Use Retweet effectively
C) Converse more than convey
D) Marketing strategy – Personal opinions vs Facts and figures

2. Facebook Tools

A) Status Update (Core Feature)
B) Fan Pages
C) Groups
D) Events
E) FanBox
F) Apps

Facebook Best Practices
A) Comment-like –share-others updates
B) Share content via links
C) Be active on other Fan Pages
D) Befriend new people by adding value
E) Participate in Group Discussions

3. YouTube Tools

A) Annotation
B) Linking to Other Videos
C) Video Comments
D) Titling and Tags

YouTube Best Practices
A) Comment on other Videos
B) Annotation can better your videos and Add Value
C) Channel/series-based videos work better
D) Cross Promotion is the Key
E) Linking can be innovative

4. Linked In Tools

A) Status Updates
B) Invite/ADD
C) Company Page/Groups
D) QnA
E) Apps

Linked In Best Practices
A) Invite/ADD Business Contacts
B) Ask and Answer Questions
C) Share Blog Feed
D) Share Presentations
E) Create Company Pages
F) Add Company Jobs
G) Give and Ask Recommendations

5. Slideshare Tools

A) Slide Linking
B) Titles
C) Tags
D) Favorite/Comment/Embed

Slideshare Best Practices
A) Comment on Other Slides
B) Make Slides Downloadable for more traction
C) Favorite other slides
D) Cross Promotion is the Key
E) Linking Can be innovative

6. Blog/WordPress Tools

A) Linking
C) Trackback
D) Comments

Blog/WordPress Best Practices
A) Blog Often; More content=More Visibility
B) Link Generously
C) Comment on Relevant blogs regularly
D) Use Interactive plugins (Re-tweet, Social bookmarking, and SEO Plugins)


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