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Easy Photo Editor is a highly performant and responsive photo editor application that works on mobile and desktops. Easily resize, crop, transform, and more via a user-friendly interface.

Easy Photo Editor uses native HTML5, which means it works on every device.

Easy Photo Editor

Photo Manipulation – Easily crop, rotate and resize, apply filters and frames, add stickers and do much more to a photo right in the browser on any device.

Mobile – Easy Photo Editor has full mobile support and adapts its interface to fit the size of any device automatically.

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Editor State – can be loaded and saved. The current editor state including images, stickers, text, drawings, etc can be saved in JSON format for later use. Previously saved editor state can be easily loaded back into the editor allowing for implementing various functionality, like backing up your work, letting you pick from a set of pre-made templates and designs, and more.

What is JSON File?
JSON file is a file that stores simple data structures and objects. It contains data in a standard data interchange format which is lightweight, text-based, and human-readable.

Empty Canvas – Easy Photo Editor does not have to edit existing photos, custom images can easily be created from scratch as well.


Open – Open tool will open an existing image in the editor. You can select one from the following choices: 

  • Background Image – open an existing image as a background image (full-screen mode).
  • Overlay Image – open an existing image on the page inside the editor overlay.
  • Editor Project File – open JSON format file.

Save – Modified images can be easily saved on a local device.

Zoom & Pan – Canvas can be zoomed and panned using a mouse, mouse wheel, or touch and pinch gestures on mobile devices.

History – Easy Photo Editor actions are non-destructive and can be easily undone and redone via the history tool.

History tool can be used to undo/redo, get/load editor state, add current editor state to history and more.

History Tool

Filters – Easy Photo Editor comes with 18 lightning-fast built-in filters, like grayscale, blur, black & white, vintage, pixelated, and many more filters with a single click.

Filter Tool

Resize – Resize tool allows the resizing of an image or canvas to specific dimensions in pixels or percentages.

Resize Tool

Crop – The crop tool allows cropping images or canvas to one of the preset ratios or a custom ratio.

Crop Tool

Transform – Transform tool allows flipping and vertical/horizontal rotation/skewing of the photo.

Transform Tool

Draw – Powerful free drawing tool that can Easily draw anything on the canvas with many available brush types, sizes, thicknesses, colors, and more. This drawing tool is optimized for touch screen and desktop interaction.

Draw Tool

Text – Full support for adding text to photos and images. The Text tool supports emoticons, and more than 800+ google fonts are ready to be used in various sizes and colors.

Text Tool

Shapes – Shapes tool allows adding of various shapes to the photo or the canvas.

Shapes Tool

Stickers – Stickers tool allows for adding various stickers (for example emoticons, bubbles, …) to the photo or the canvas.

Stickers Tool

Frame – Frame tool allows adding of various scalable and responsive frames to photos or canvas. It works with any photo size or ratio.

Frame Tool

Corners – Image corners can be rounded with one simple click.

Corners Tool

Background – Use the background tool to add color to the image background.

Background Tool

Merge – Use the merge tool to merge images.

Patterns and Gradients – All objects can be filled in with many built-in or custom patterns and gradients.

Export – The Export tool allows downloading and exporting images or current editor data in various formats.

Import – The import tool allows the importing of selected photos and state files (JSON format) into the editor.


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