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Create Your Own Website Header and Footer

How to Create Your Own Header & Footer Using Free Software!

Update: Jul 15, 2018

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Your website header is the first thing that visitors will see on your website, so if you want to give a good impression about your site, you should create a nice creative website header that will tell your visitor about your site quality.

Always don’t forget that first impression will last forever, so your nice website header will encourage your visitors to browse through, and come back once again to revisit your site.

Using graphics editors is always the best way to create your website header; some people use very primitive editors for this mission, but in this tutorial we are going to use “GIMP” one of the best graphics editors around the web, you may ask, why especially this editor? The smart answer; it’s very easy to use, with a user-friendly interface, and it is FREE software!
So, before we start the tutorial, we recommend that you download “GIMP” to your computer, and take care to choose the right version for your computer system. After installing, please take a simple tour of the interface, and be ready with your favorite source image for your header.

When you are ready; start to play the video tutorial and watch it carefully. You will learn how to use many tools, and it will show you how to create a website header and footer, how to add; effects, scale, crop, resize, enhance colors, round edges, and many more. At the end of the tutorial will show you how to add text to your header, add title, slogan, or your logo.

When you are finished, please make some trails, and then start to create your own website header and footer, in the same way, you can make your own website banner in different sizes.


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