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Building a Website That Works

building-a-websiteOkay, let’s face it, with the abundance of software and information on the internet anybody can make a website. You can even pay for a website designer to build and maintain one for you, or simply pay someone to create a template for you to use as a layout for your site. Either way, it is actually very simple to create a website, but to make a website that actually works and helps your business grow; now that’s the trick. I have seen websites so terrible looking that they made me want to puke, but yet I look at their traffic ranks and there they are, sitting pretty up in the top one percent of the web. How do they do it? That is where many online entrepreneurs and business owners fail; they think that all you need is a pretty website when in fact it is so much more.

Building a good looking website that doesn’t make money or get traffic is like making a paper airplane. Sure it is an airplane, but it won’t stay up in the air long without an engine. That is what traffic is to a website, the engine that makes it go. Without traffic, you can’t make money, without money you can’t grow your website, without growing your site you are setting yourself up to fail. The internet is fast-paced, instantaneous, so that means you must have a website that looks good, stays updated, and displays properly on everybody’s computer.
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Like I said before, you can pay someone to do this but why not do it yourself? With the right tools, you can make a successful website that gets visitors, looks great to the eyes, and correctly displays on every type of computer that can browse the net. Let’s talk about the tools that will help you do this, and how to use them correctly.

First and foremost is your site design tool or web development application. If you are extensive in HTML, CSS, and designing sites, then programs like Dreamweaver is probably what you already use or are thinking about getting. I urge you not though since websites that are simple make more money and perform better on the search engines. You may be thinking that you can make a simple site on Dreamweaver, and you are right, but the way I see it is why use such a complex program to make something so simple? The best website creation tool that will create a simple looking and easy to navigate site is Site Build It, from the company Site Sell.

The next most important tool you will need is a keyword research website or software. There are some websites out there that provide free keyword research but none actually gives you all the information you need to properly determine if a keyword is profitable or just a waste of time. Site Build It comes with a built-in keyword research tool that shows you the “Demand” and “Supply” of each keyword. Those two pieces of information are critical to making a successful website, and in my opinion, no other tool out there comes close to accurately calculating these numbers than Site Build It does.

The last thing that you need to know to succeed online is how to talk to your visitors. Basically, that means what you should type, how to sound, and if you are selling something then you need to know how to properly pre-sell your visitors. Without this knowledge, you won’t make those many sales which means you will make less money.

I will end this article with some words of internet wisdom that are key to your success online. Be persistent and never stop improving your site, this is very important because if you keep growing your site every day with new information, then people will keep coming back to it. This is so important because after a few years go by, your site will be getting more traffic then ever and it won’t stop, even if you aren’t trying to get visitors anymore! Now that is what I call a successful website.

Site Build It is the all in one website development package that allows anyone to make a great website that will be getting ready to buy visitors in no time. It comes with a step by step guide that will teach how to make a successful website, from start to finish, and it is completely risk-free.

By: Michael Cottier


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