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Why Do We Need Header Graphics?

By: Alan L Smith
The first impression that a website leaves on its viewers is most important, in this category one cannot ignore the importance of ‘header graphics’. No other chance would be given to you if you fail to leave that positive first impression because the users do not have much patience and they would not hesitate in switching over to another website. As we flip through channels while watching television so do the people do it while surfing the internet. So you have only a few seconds to impress the users and convince them to stop and view your website and got through it.

Here comes the role of header graphics, the websites having this element have greater capability to convince its users about their worthiness and they have more chances of stopping by and viewing your products and services. Head banner is the first thing that catches the visual attention of the surfer. The head banner helps in branding your website. People who speak that head banner is not essential and does not have any effect on the visitors, are completely wrong and are not aware of the online business.

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Content quality is very essential in holding attention and interest of the reader and make them stay for longer on your website, but there has to be some element that appeals to the visual aspect as well. Whenever a person surfs a website there is some piece of information which he/she is looking for and in this matter every single element of website counts that leaves a lasting impression on the visitors.

The role of header graphics is to leave a great first impression and make your website a brand name in itself. In branding, you can use innovative graphics with a unique company logo. The main motive is to create a unique identity that separates you from the crowd. A website that catches the eye and is memorable is an exclusive one liked by the people. The first thing that a visitor notices in a website after landing up there is the head design of the web page.

While landing on a website, the user notices header graphics at first glance this is true for all sites. Make your blog design look spectacular and exclusive which passes on the message and information about your website effectively about your website. Websites can be branded online on the basis of the top page design they possess. When you plan your website after giving emphasis to content, give consideration to the header graphics of your web page.


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