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3 Tips To Get Your Audience Captivated Before They Read Anything

By: Susan W Taylor

Web design and header templates are hard things to explain to some people, but for those that are often on the Internet trying to make a better site for their readers, it can be clearer with some explanation. There are a lot of different opinions in regard to how to make a good header, and some aren’t quite sure about the design that needs to go into making one.

When in doubt, there are a variety of great options to explore in the world of templates. These header templates are professionally designed and optimized to create lasting impressions with website visitors new and old before they even read any of the content that is available below it.

Without a good header, a site will flounder and not end up being remembered by the average user.

Consider three tips to get your audience’s attention right away with header templates:

1. The color that header templates use
Upon looking at header templates consider the colors that they use. Using bright colors is often a great tip, but that’s not so great when your readers are looking at your site in the dead of night in pitch-black rooms. Not many people consider the night owls when they design their header, and if you’re making a website that has a targeted audience that is usually up late at night, you’ll want to remember that tip. Yes, bright colors grab the attention, but if someone is surfing your site (say it’s a horror movie site) late at night, you’ll blind them with bright colors, so be careful when choosing from header templates.

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2. Size of header templates
Size matters when it comes to header templates. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the size is relatively large enough to cover half of the screen. This doesn’t mean that there has to be a great deal of graphics, but make sure that it doesn’t become something that is small in stature compared to your content. The weight of the image should be of interest too, with a balance of right to left or left to right being focused on. This might seem a bit foreign, but good header templates always have a distinct way of uniting a web page rather than overshadowing the content. Even if you’re trying to reach your audience in a cohesive manner, make sure that the size is not too much for the rest of the page.

3. Placement of the header
Make sure that the header placement leads people to the content in a subtle way. Not every header has to have a huge arrow pointing toward your writing, or regular web content. But have it creatively point towards your content in a way that is not so obvious, and you’ll see readers appreciate the subtlety and move forward with ease. There are a plethora of different tips when it comes to header templates, design, and implementation. The sky is truly the limit in regards to what kind of design, graphic, or size you use for your blog, website, or e-commerce store. Getting an expertly designed option is a great way to move forward, especially since there are many ready-to-go and designed for your use in header templates form.

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