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Header Graphics – Why Should You Trust Your Header Graphic

By: Laser Targeted Headers Team

The 1st impression in terms of the internet is the 1st time someone uses an internet browser to open up a specific Blog. Most men and women read from the top down that would logically prove that the 1st part of any Blog that most men and women see is the header graphic. The header graphic is the portion of the Blog that has the Blog’s name and usually a graphic picture of some sort.

With that much importance riding on the look and feel of the header of a website, it is puzzling, then why some websites pay such little attention to making sure their website’s header projects a positive and exciting image. A poorly designed, or amateurish looking, website header is one of the fastest ways to lose the traffic that has come to the website.

The best way to ensure that the 1st impression that a Blog makes is a positive one is to have a professionally designed header graphic. While this may cost more than a do-it-yourself header graphic picture or just go with a total text header graphic, the investment should be worth it in terms of how much credibility the Blog gains.

Professional graphic designers are available in different places online and finding an experienced one with good references should not be too much of a challenge.

With a professionally designed top header image JPG added to the top of a weblog, 1st-time viewers of that weblog assume that they have come to a site that is better than some of the sites out there that appear to be hobby sites. A top header image design that gives off the feeling that it was professionally done can add to the legitimacy of the overall weblog.

This works for more than just the homepage too, as most websites use the same header graphic picture on every page within the whole Blog.

With that in mind, a professionally designed graphic picture at the top of every page in a Blog means that no matter what page someone surfs to as a result of what came up in search engine results, their 1st impression will be a good one.


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