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by Debjani Sinha

Header acts as the business card of a website. It helps visitors understand the topic of a site and encourages them to surf all the pages. Therefore, you have to design your website header intelligently and convey the USP of your site through the header design.

Viewers judge the importance of a site seeing the homepage design and header is an integral part of your homepage. Hence, you should use a Flash header for your website and attract online traffic.

Some website owners use only graphics and text in their header design because they think Flash design makes a site heavier. The truth is, Flash header does not make a site slower. It all depends upon the designer. If you hire a professional Flash designer from a reputed Flash design company for your Flash header design, he will optimize the header for faster loading.

Flash header is your best choice when you want to insert a lot of charming and interesting information on your homepage. In a static header, you can only insert text and images, but in a Flash header, you can use text, images, animation, video and audio effects.

A graphics only header design may take a few seconds less than a Flash header to load, but do you think that only quick loading time can improve your online business? Static headers look boring and fail to capture viewers attention. On the other hand, the animation effects of a Flash header instantly capture viewers attention and make them interested in your business.

A customized Flash header design not only improves the visual beauty of your website, but it also makes your site more interactive. Besides informing your viewers about the topic of your site, you can also give a call to action message via the header design.

Don’t forget to put your company name and logo in your header. Some of your website users may not understand English and can’t read your company name, but anyone can recognize a logo. Therefore, seeing the logo those people will understand that they have come to the right place. You can also design a Flash logo for your company to make your website design even more attractive.

One of the most common misconceptions about Flash is that it’s not searching engine friendly. Its true that indexing a completely Flash-based website is tough for search engines, but with the latest improvements in Google’s indexing process, Flash websites have now become more search engine friendly.

Besides that, when you develop the site in HTML and only design the header in Flash, you don’t have to worry about search engine ranking. Search engine robots can easily crawl your web pages and count the keywords to decide your page rank.

Don’t include unnecessary elements in your Flash header. Use only the most important images, text, and animation so that your customers don’t get confused. For instance, if you are in the transport industry, you can use an animated truck and globe in your banner design. A sleek, elegant and stylish Flash banner design is more effective than a pointless, messy design.


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