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A Quick and Easy Method For Creating a Website Header Graphic

By: Lynne Ivatt
For several years now I have been creating various websites for online ventures. I found one of the most difficult things to do while building them is creating a nice header image for each new site that I made. The only option really seemed to be to pay somebody to create them for me.

Then one day I was on a website looking at some images for the content creation and it suddenly occurred to me that an image I was looking at would look great as the main header. So I bought the image opened up Adobe Elements and made the photograph the exact fit for the header area and loaded it to my website using FTP software. Bingo! The image fitted perfectly and looked absolutely brilliant on the site.

So each time I create a new website these days I search around for an image that is likely to look the way I need it to on the site and repeat the process.
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The only thing to consider is any text that you may want to include within the header image. So for instance, if you want your text on the left then the bulk of the main image in the photograph may look better on the right. It’s also wise to consider that the colors of the photograph will tie in well with your site design and also look good against any text color that you decide to add to it.

To find out the size of your header area you have several options. If you’re working from a template website, there will be a header file which is usually a JPEG or GIF. This is the file that you want to replace. Simply open it up in a graphics editing package and check the pixel sizes using the resize image tool. You can also do this by looking at the CSS file.

Using this method has saved me no end of time and I have total control over the end result, it costs next to nothing as well, maybe only the cost of the image which these days is probably around a dollar! Good luck I hope the method works for you.


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