The Graphic header is a graphic image, that can be static, flash, or animated. The graphic header is one of the most important components of your website because it represents the first impression for your site visitors, and it could leave a lasting impact. A website’s header must be able to achieve what you want to achieve to effectively convey what you want to tell your users when they visit your site. The header often contains the name of your site/title, your own slogan, and your labels.


The static headers are usually high-quality JPG header images, usually developed with image editing software like our free Header Maker or Adobe Shop.

The animated header usually has greater visual impact; the format used for this type of header is only GIF, and usually developed with image editing software like Adobe ImageReady.

Flash header is a header format SWF, developed with software like Adobe Flash Professional for creating animation and multimedia content. Flash headers are usually very high quality and impact.

We are glad to offer you our premium quality and unique collection of Free Headers which are great and useful for a large variety of websites and blogs. Enjoy our Gallery!

Last Update: Oct 6, 2022


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