In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure and use our Flash Header, and how you can easily add and update your text and slogan in two easy steps:


1. Archive contents

  1. Download the flash header zip archive.
  2. Unzip the file using any zip application like ‘ZIP’ or ‘RAR’.
  3. The downloaded zip archive usually contains the following files:
    1. The first file is the flash file .SWF.
    2. The second file is TEXT file, you will be able to edit and update text through this TEXT file.


2. Edit the TEXT file

Inside the TEXT file you will find code similar to the following:

&company name=Your Company Name or Title
&slogan=Your Slogan
&label1=First Label
&label2=Second Label&button1=Button 1
&button2=Button 2
&button3=Button 3
&button4=Button 4
&button5=Button 5
&button6=Button 6


&icon1=Icon Name 1
&icon2=Icon Name 2



You’ll just need a text editor like Notepad++ (or you can use the default windows notepad), open the TEXT file and simply replace the text and links (which we colored with RED) with text and links that you desire.


3. Inserting your Flash Header on your website

Copy and paste the .SWF file to your header section, exactly where you want it to appear. If you don’t know how to place your header exactly in the place you want, you can refer to our tutorial ‘How to paste HTML code into your page‘, inserting an image or SWF file is the same way as inserting HTML code.


4. Uploading and publishing your Flash Header

The last step is to upload your modified TEXT and the SWF file to the main HTML directory (where you have your home page), then your new flash header will start to play! …. Done.

Important Notes:

  • Edit only the text and links which we colored with RED in the above sample code, don’t make any changes to the rest of the text code.
  • Don’t change or edit the text file name, your flash header will not work probably if you make any changes.



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