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Website Header Sizes

So many visitors have asked for bigger size than 1024px header size, and we decided to be the first website which can offer this new standard size!

Now ONLY available at FreeWebHeaders.com

New 1280px headers will be added frequently!


So now we have thousands of HQ headers available for our visitors in three standard sizes:

  1. Header size 1280×375 pixels
  2. Header size 1024×300 pixels
  3. Header size 800×200 pixels

Header Editor Free Online

If you like to have a special size, you my use our free “Header Editor” tool to edit and resize your favorite header to suit your needs.

Notice that our headers are regularly updated with fresh designs, so visit us again and choose the web header that meets your needs and wishes.

Header Editor

Simple and Easy Online Header or Image Editor and Resizer!

Get your favorite header or image optimized and re-sized in less than Five Minutes!


  • Resize – change width and height
  • Crop – crop your header or your image
  • Rotate – rotate your header or your image
  • Sharpen – sharpen your header or your image
  • Adjust contrast, brightness, color saturation
  • Adjust Quality – select quality from 10% to 100%
  • Optimize – reduce header file size or image file size
  • Convert header or image to black and white
  • Border – add a border to your header or to your image

Get Started

  1. Upload your favorite header or image from your computer desktop.
  2. To resize and edit your header or your image, upload it to our resizer tool.
  3. Click “Crop Image” and enter your required header size.
  4. Move the screen around or stretch to focus on your desired area.
  5. Use the editor tools to resize and edit your header to meet your requirements.
  6. To upload the optimized header or optimized image to your computer, right click to save or drag onto your desktop, and it’s done! … Enjoy!