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Free Online Header Image Editors

Header Editor

Simple and Easy Online Header Editor



  • Resize – change width and height
  • Crop – crop your header or your image
  • Rotate – rotate your header or your image
  • Sharpen – sharpen your header or your image
  • Adjust contrast, brightness, color saturation
  • Adjust Quality – select quality from 10% to 100%
  • Optimize – reduce header file size or image file size
  • Convert header or image to black and white
  • Border – add a border to your header or to your image

Get your favorite header image optimized and re-sized in less than five minutes!


Advanced Online Header Image Editor

fotoflexer-advanced-online-header-image-editorFotoFlexer is the most powerful online header image editor in existence. By combining traditional simple editing features and filters with advanced tools like recolor, RGB or individual color curve adjustment and and more! 100% free. It allows users to upload and save edited header image to major photo sharing services like MySpace and Facebook. FotoFlexer also offers an array of embellishments, fonts and other scrapbook-like effects for increased personalization and page creation. It performs advanced effects previously only available to professionals using expensive software.

FotoFlexer Video Tutorial

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Free online header image editor by ex Picnik staffers!

picmonkey-free-online-header-image-editor PicMonkey is a free online header image editor by ex “Picnik” staffers! (The Picnik is over).

All in all, PicMonkey offers a lot of features and tools that other free online image editors don’t have to offer. PicMonkey gives you the power to modify your header in incredibly easy and effective ways. Its lean and fast engine lets you perform basic edits, like crop and rotate, and enhance your header images with luscious effects, overlays, fonts, textures, frames and touch up tools. Get Started Now!

PicMonkey Video Tutorial

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Innovative Online Header Image Editor Tool

ipiccy-online-header-image-editor-tooliPiccy makes your header image awesome with many easy to use image tools like Picnik and much more. You can editor your photos with few clicks – apply beautiful effects, easily crop, rotate, straighten images, fix colors and exposure, retouch them with professional tools, add texts and stickers, work with layers, add frames, change textures, and much, much more. iPiccy gives you all the power to edit your header image right in your browser without any installation for free. Just upload your header image to the editor and make it awesome in one click! Enjoy free photo editing online and show your creativity with iPiccy editor!

iPiccy Video Tutorial

How to Edit A Header Image or Photo Using iPiccy

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Pixlr Editor

Powerful, Fully Featured Online Header Image Editor


Pixlr Editor is a free online photo editor with a professional touch. Edit, fix, adjust and filter your header image. If you need to edit an image and don’t have hop installed, Pixlr Editor is an excellent choice online!
Pixlr Editor works with images imported from the hard drive, a website or an online gallery, and it is a great way for Web Editors to re-size and save photos or other graphic images for use on web sites.

Another interesting feature in Pixlr Editor is its collection of special one-click effects, such as HDR, tilt-shift and kaleidoscope, among many others.

Pixlr Editor Video Tutorial

How to Quickly Re-size & Crop a Header Image or any Image

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Team up with us

Attention: Articles Writers and Bloggers!

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team-up-with usAre you interested in guest posting? Now we are open for guest bloggers and writers. You can write for us and share your ideas, experiences, knowledge and skills in our blog.

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