Thanks for helping spread the word about our website. We have many suggestions to link to us, but you may customize the links/text/images to fit your site.

Please link to ‘Free Web Headers’  in one of the following ways:

1- Courtesy simple text link (Small font size)

Header courtesy of Free Web Headers


<font size=”1″>Header courtesy of </font><a title=”Get your free header NOW!” href=””><font size=”1″>Free Web Headers</font></a>


2- Courtesy simple text link (Standard font size)

Header courtesy of Free Web Headers


<font face=”Verdana,Arial” size=”2″>Header courtesy of </font><a href=””><font face=”Verdana,Arial” size=”2″>Free Web Headers</font></a><font size=”1″></font>

3- Simple Text Link

Free Web Headers


<a href=””><font face=”Verdana,Arial” size=”2″>Free Web Headers</font></a>


4- Text link with a short description

Free Web Headers – Download unique free website headers and blog headers.


<a href=””><font face=”Verdana,Arial” size=”2″>Free web headers</a> – Download unique free website headers and blog headers.</font>


5- Button – Static (88×18 pixels)



<a href=””><img src=”″ width=”88″ height=”18″ border=”0″ alt=”Free Web Headers from”></a>


6- Button – Animated (88×31 pixels)



<a href=””><img src=”″ width=”88″ height=”31″ border=”0″ alt=”Free Web Headers from”></a>


7- Button – Static (88×31 pixels)



<a href=””><img src=”″ width=”88″ height=”31″ border=”0″ alt=”Free Web Headers from”></a>


8- Button – Static (200×98 pixels)



<a href=””><img src=”″ width=”200″ height=”98″ border=”0″ alt=”Free Web Headers from”></a>


9- Button – Static (331×98 pixels)



<a href=””><img src=”″ width=”331″ height=”98″ border=”0″ alt=”Free Web Headers from”></a>


10- Full Banner – Animated (468×60  pixels)



<a href=””><img src=”″ width=”468″ height=”60″ border=”0″ alt=”Free Web Headers from”></a>


How to paste the code into your page?

Cut and paste code into your web page is easy if you have some HTML knowledge, but if not you can follow the following steps:

  1. Open the page where you want to paste the code with your favorite HTML editor (for instance; Adobe Dreamweaver, … etc.), or use one of the following Free HTML Editors:
      1. CoffeeCup
      2. Aptana Studio
      3. NetBeans
      4. Bluefish
      5. HTML-Kit
      6. Eclipse
      7. SeaMonkey
      8. Amaya-W3
  2. Simply put the mouse pointer (blanking cursor) in the place where you want the link to appear.
  3. Switch your HTML editor to the “Code” mode; search in page to find the blanking cursor, exactly there paste the link code.
  4. Save changes to your page.
  5. Switch your HTML editor to the “Preview” mode; you will find the link exactly in the place you want….. Done!


You are allowed to “hotlink” these banners from our server, or it would be great to use the images to link to – To do this; Right click on the image and “save picture as”.


16 thoughts on “Link to us

  1. Hi,

    I enjoy very much these beautiful headers. I would like to use one of them on blog/website. May I do so with the understanding that I will provide a link to your website?

    All the Best,

  2. Hey there, there are 5 or 6 images which I would like to use for my sliders in my homepage. Is it ok for you if I make a seperate link into my homepage with “picture credits” where i link to your homepage?

    Thanks in advance for a replay!

    Best regards,

  3. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but
    after browsing through a few of the posts I realized it’s
    new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely delighted I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

  4. I actually like three or four of your headers, and i am thinking of using them for my new blog’s sliders, as you can see in my blog that there are three sliders, so i have to put three links back to your site? Plus let me if i can put the links on the footer of my blog? i will get back to you once i am done with it to know if i have to put something else too.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi, I am planning to use one of the picture in my page. Is it okay for me to put the link on the footer widget section of the page to your website? Please let me know if I have to do something else too. Thank you.

  6. I absolutely love your designs.
    I ended up using one of your designs for my blog’s header.
    As soon as I figure out how to do it, I will definitely put a link to your site onto my blog.
    Thank you for all that you do.

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