Free Online Header Image Editors


Header Editor

Simple and Easy Online Header Editor



  • Resize – change width and height
  • Crop – crop your header or your image
  • Rotate – rotate your header or your image
  • Sharpen – sharpen your header or your image
  • Adjust contrast, brightness, color saturation
  • Adjust Quality – select quality from 10% to 100%
  • Optimize – reduce header file size or image file size
  • Convert header or image to black and white
  • Border – add a border to your header or to your image

Get your favorite header image optimized and re-sized in less than five minutes!


Advanced Online Header Image Editor

fotoflexer-advanced-online-header-image-editorFotoFlexer is the most powerful online header image editor in existence. By combining traditional simple editing features and filters with advanced tools like recolor, RGB or individual color curve adjustment and and more! 100% free. It allows users to upload and save edited header image to major photo sharing services like MySpace and Facebook. FotoFlexer also offers an array of embellishments, fonts and other scrapbook-like effects for increased personalization and page creation. It performs advanced effects previously only available to professionals using expensive software.

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Best Web Hosting Providers


Best Hosting Providers around The Web!

hostgator- web-hosting-provider
The world’s largest web hosting company with more than 7,000 servers 2,500,000 hosted domains. HostGator is the perfect choice whether you are looking for business, personal, or even Fortune 500 hosting. HostGator is a world leading provider of Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated server packages for both beginners and professionals alike. Starting from $3.96 per month, every web hosting plan comes with a 45 day money back guarantee.

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Free Header Image Editing Software


Edit and Re-size Your Web Header with These Free Software!

Picasa picasa-web

Free editing software from Google to edit your header image with a list of the cool new stuff and even more.



One of the most popular header image editors and viewers worldwide! Supports a wide range of header image formats.


Free open source image editing software with powerful advanced techniques. You’ll be editing your header image in no time. GIMP is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE header graphic editor.

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Free Blog Headers For Blogger


blogYour blog header design is the first thing your readers see when they come to your blog. Your blog header is like your business card for your blog.

There are two important things you have to consider before you upload your header image to your blog. First, you should make sure that it is a reflection of you and what your blog is about. Second, you should select the right blog header size. We offer unique collection of free blog headers for blogger and web designers. These blog headers are good and useful for a large variety of blogs, and we offer two main free header sizes for our audience, 1024 px and 800 px wide, JPG format blog headers.

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WordPress Header


wordpress-logoWe are happy to present our collection of WordPress headers – a design product that is absolutely essential for making your website look really professional and impressive. Our WordPress headers are easily customizable with appropriate software and skills and can fit virtually any WordPress blog or website.

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WordPress Header Plugins

Are you looking for plugins for your WordPress header? In this guide I have hand-picked the best free plugins for WordPress header available out there.

Unique WordPress Headers

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Web Design Venture

web-design-ventureWhenever a web designer receives a web page design venture, they will require to take a step again as well as feel the research course of action in order to complete the position. The study course of action is really a wearisome method, that decides how well, and productive will the result of your internet style. Suggestions for web page design will give you the best way to undergo that analysis method efficiently and have final results.

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Digital Photography Tips and Ideas

digital-photography-tips-and-ideasIssues ever had the favorable bundle of money to look at space taxi or even explode start close up, you already know how magical the feeling is usually. It’s something to find out the start in TV, although an amazing different event if you’re presently there face-to-face. The rumble, the amazing plume involving hearth as well as heavy steam, the actual gorgeous contrail accomplishing way up toward place, and the electrifying emotion you get watching considered one of humanity’s important methodical successes, just about all merge to create a living space start a really unique expertise!

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Develop A Facebook Fan Page

facebookYou will need to have at least 25 fans before you are able to claim a username for your page. Generous people are always welcome. If you choose to send a friend a picture or a message, that is hidden from others unless you choose to share it. Facebook can be a very useful tool to help in locating a job. Think of it, an ad that has nothing in it, and does not serve the purpose of users, is as better as no ad at all. Moreover, you are spending money on it and investing time, so one should be very choosy for what he goes for.

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Great Guide On How To Create Good Quality Web Design

website-designHiring a design firm to create your site can be expensive. And by spending all that money, it still doesn’t give the certainty that you will be happy with the end results. It can be very difficult to communicate your vision to another person. You are the only person who knows exactly what you want. Use this web design advice to build a site you’re proud to share.

Avoid using clashing, loud colors when designing your website. Your text must be easily readable and not disappear into your background. Choose a dark color for your text, and use a lighter color for your backgrounds. Let your friends see your color scheme to get their input.

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Fastest Guide to Social Media


social-media-marketingSocial Redirect provides different services like Social Media Marketing, Social Networking Management, WordPress installations and Security solutions, Online Portfolio, Brand Management, Disaster management & Search engine Optimization.

After going through a lot of content on social media, if I have to make a “fastest guide for social media” or give pointers for each social media channel then it would have the following:

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